Monday, March 8, 2010

Chinese Scooter High Quality without High cost

The Chinese scooter offers high quality without high cost and is available in hundreds of different models and brands. There are many different styles and brands of these scooters available. They offer great looking creative designs with many additional extra features such as a glove compartment or remote control, which allows the rider to start the scooter from a remote location. Chinese scooters are often less expensive than scooters from the US or other areas. The most important factor to know when selecting a Chinese scooter is its engine size: 50cc, 150cc, or 250cc.

The slowest Chinese scooter available is the 50cc model. This is also the lowest priced Chinese scooter model available. This model is limited in its capacity for speed. It can be used for local use but will not be able to be used on the highways or on most bi-ways. This model can also be used in those states without a tag as most states do not require registration on this size Chinese scooter. The more pricey Chinese scooters are higher in the power range. For example, the 250cc model is able to be utilized on steep hills as well as on highways. Some states restrict the use of scooters on highways however the 250cc can be used legally on freeways and it can reach the speed limits required.

The 150cc comes in a variety of styles and has the horsepower ratings of 7 to 9.8hp. This scooter is strong enough to climb a hill and can carry two people. All Chinese scooters should be operated with the use of a helmet. State laws vary on the requirements concerning helmets. But a helmet is a huge part of scooter safety. There are many very attractive looking helmets that look great with the various styles of Chinese scooters available.

Chinese scooters can be purchased online for a substantial savings when compared with prices offered by local dealerships. Online scooter purchases should be made through a professional scooter dealership that specializes in the sale of scooters. Your online dealership should have their own warehouse as this will also increase their quality as opposed to dealerships which sell Chinese scooters indirectly for another company. You can often find a cheap scooter online which will give the quality that you desire without the hefty price.

Gas Scooter Purchasing Guide

Purchasing your own gas scooter is one of the most exciting choices you can make. Gas scooters offer a very affordable and fun way to travel. There are several different types of scooters to choose from including the 50cc, 150cc, and 250cc.
Selecting the type of scooter that you desire will need to be based on quality, style and features. When determining where to purchase your scooter you should select a qualified dealership that offers high quality scooters; selecting a dealership that has its own warehouse will ensure excellent inventory control, faster processing, and a quicker delivery time of your scooter.
Having your homework or research completed before purchase will help you to make the exact purchase that you desire. You should check on your state laws pertaining to scooter use; many states prohibit the use of scooters on the highways. If you desire to use the scooter in a college campus or other type of campus find out the rules that apply on that campus.

The difference in the 50cc scooter and the 150cc scooter is the engine and the speed. You will need to determine what you want to use the scooter for. If you will be using the scooter for recreational purposes and short distances then a 50cc will work great for your needs. If you are looking to travel the local side streets or to travel short distances then this scooter will inexpensively meet your needs and in most states it will not need to be tagged.
More powerful scooters such as the 150cc will be able to travel at highway speeds and will need to be tagged in most states. These scooters are able to travel at the regular speed limit required on highways; they will be able to travel at 50mph. This scooter is one of the most affordable ways to travel as its need for gas is very limited.

Finding a good deal on a great looking aerodynamic scooter is easy when you shop online. The 250cc scooter is a powerful scooter. This type of scooter is often selected for college students who need a source of transportation while on a larger college campus. This type of scooter allows for easy transportation without the need for parking expenses and other expenses associated with keeping a vehicle at college. The best scooter is the scooter that operates at an efficient speed and is able to meet your transportation needs.