Friday, February 19, 2010

Buying A Kids ATV On Your Son’s Birthday

When you intend to buy a gift for your child at his birthday, lots of ideas travel around your mind. However, you can come across many ideas like you may watch your neighbor’s son driving an ATV with all fun and pleasure. How about that idea? This can be a real exciting gift when you surprise your kid with a Kids ATV. Hence, a Kids ATV will be by far the best choices for a gift but you need to learn about the features of these bikes, then only you can buy a durable bike for your kid.

There is yet another thing that could give you some worry. The safety factor! You may be more worried about the safety of the child rather than the offers and the discounts on the cost while buying ATV. Therefore, let’s harness on some of the safety factors of the Chinese ATVs.

There is a special device known as speed restrictor that is attached with almost most of the available kids ATV. One of the best parts is that you can adjust and set the maximum speed between 5 to 10 mils per hour and so the kids will be totally protected when they learn riding the Chinese ATV.

Although it is not required to buy it is always advisable that you should fix on headlight with even a cheap ATV because that will help you in emergency.
You need to ensure that all the braking system of Kids ATV should be perfect and then only the kids will give an enough control over the machine.
In most of the ATVs especially designed for kids there is an option of immediate engine cut off switch that will be helpful in case of emergency. You can even attach a long chord or a string to the emergency engine and cut off control. This will help to pull though the chord that completely stops the engine immediately.
One of the next things is the shock absorber. While buying Kids’ ATV there remains a mono shock absorber that intends to be the best option. It allows with lots of cushioning and for balancing the kids.

Another important feature of Kids cheap ATV for kids is to try and buy those machines which are less noisy, that have an electric start, an automatic transmission and are easy for handling. All the safety measures for the kids ATV should be perfect because they are amateur drivers and they are highly susceptible to dangers and accidents.

If you intend buying ATV online then one of the most important factors is being highly comparative. In various online stores you will get various types of ATVs but you should look in for all the safety measures when you are buying ATVs for your kids. On the net you will get some attractive deals that will offer with some best available options for your kid.

The Kids ATV will surely be one of the precious gifts for your kid on his birthday and he will definitely cherish this gift as a wonderful childhood memory forever.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Change Your Own Scooter Oil And Save Your Scooter Repair Money

In Chinese scooters it is vital to change the oil for ensuring a proper functioning. Most of the riders ignore this important part and therefore the scooter may breakdown in the middle because the engine gets burned out. While changing oil there is no need to spend a dime on the mechanic. Therefore, why you should spend money when you can change the oil yourself?

So before proceeding with the oil changing process it is important that you should arrange for everything what you need. One of the most important things required is adjusting the socket set which is also known as adjustable wrench. Then you also required an oil collection pan or a mini container that has a wide mouth. These are some of the essential item for changing the oil even when you use a cheap scooter. Then, consider the most obvious thing i.e. the oil.

The oil for the Chinese scooters can be anything except the 30 weight. You can either use 10/40, 15/50 or with any combination of the 10-15 or with 40-50 weight but don’t ever use 30 weight.

To begin the process of oil change in the scooter, it is necessary to put the scooter on the back stands so that it remains on a balanced level. You can even look out for a large bolt under the scooter or below the engine. After when you remove the large bolt under the scooter or below the engine, you can remove the large bolt and place a container to catch the oil.

Once you put off the cap or the bolt, you can allow the container to drop while the spring and oil screen also come off. It will allow the container to fall and once the oil starts draining you can remove the bolt, spring and the oil screen and then clean them off. Therefore, rinse the oil with dry hands.

You can inspect the oil to see that if it turns milky. This also means that there is water leaking in the other parts of your Chinese scooter and therefore it should be taken to the mechanic for reselling the gearbox. Otherwise, you can also replace the oil screen, the spring and the bolt as well to the bottom of the scooter.

However, there is a caution that you need to follow on adding the oil and so there must be one repair shop but too much of adding oil is not commendable.

When you start adding oil in your Chinese scooter then you can pour some oil and let the oil drain in to the bottom of the tank that can happen within 15 seconds. Once you are done with that, you need to measure the oil with dip stick and there is no need to get screwed in it. You can simply stick it as far as possible back into the oil sprout and pull it out. Once the oil is at a level then you can add some more oil. After doing that it is advisable to start your scooter and let it run for about 1-2 minutes and then shut it off. Once you start again your Chinese scooter will run like a chariot!

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Safety Measures While Riding ATVs

If you are a motorcyclist then you should be aware of all the safety measures while riding in bad weather conditions. Since the winter season is still on, you need to take a heed on the on all the safety measures while riding on wet and icy weather. Therefore, read out the important tips that you need to follow while riding on such tough conditions.

The first the foremost thing that you need to do is to keep your hands warm and for the purpose you should wear gloves. The gloves are important to try whether you are trying out cheap ATV or an expensive one. The gloves will avoid your hands to loose your grip over the handle and you will be in a much safer position while riding.

Secondly, you must avoid riding on slippery spots while riding because that will reduce your speed. However, when you are riding a Chinese ATV or anything of that sort, then you should certainly stop your hard riding attitude especially on those surfaces where there are round curves.

So when you come near any slippery surfaces, brakes are the most obvious option for you and don’t think about anything else (viz. sliding and other maneuvers). Gradually you need to clutch the brake lever and you will be able to avoid dangerous lockups of your Chinese ATV front wheel. If you are moving in a low speed, you can also try with feet skim on the road that will help you to keep you from falling.

It is also important to remember that when you are riding even a cheap ATV, you should pay attention for any oil spots that are being accumulated in the center apart from the lane of cars and trucks. It is also great to try and ride by avoiding the spots on the roads.

Even when you are buying ATV online, there are some important things to consider and especially about the safety measures. In the 4 wheelers, while roaming it is a complete fun filled experience for the riders but in the process they tend to forget the safety norms. Thus, all sports gears and the safety wears should be worn before riding the bikes. Moreover, it will be foolishness if you intend to show jugglery and tricks on your Chinese ATV. This is a not a Kids ATV you are riding, rather it is much more compact than that and the machines are more sophisticated.

Although, there is nothing wrong in going out with 4 to 5 groups of bikes with friends but all safety measures should always be kept in mind. Be responsible even with cheap scooters both with yourself and with others. Especially, when you go out in groups, it is necessary that there are situations when you tend to get impractical and simply asinine and this could hamper your health as well.

You should never ride your 4 wheeler under any influence of alcohol or any drugs. So it is important that you should be able to ride the bike safely and without any force or under any influence. All dirt bikes are considered to be speedsters and so they are susceptible to accidents. Therefore, topmost safety measures should be undertaken while you are riding the ATVs.